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twin city yoga shala

twin city yoga shala

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is built on three foundations… Postures, which put your body into various positions that tone and lengthen muscles, while compressing and extending internal organs and glands… Long and even breathing while you practice, energizing and rejuvenating the central nervous system… And, fixing your gaze on one point, bringing focus and clarity to the mind.

Posture, breath and gazing point are linked together by the principle of Vinyasa, or “one movement, one breath”. Breathing and moving simultaneously increases circulation throughout the body, bringing oxygen deeper into the tissues and flushing out toxins. Matching breath and movement also helps ensure that you move in and out of your postures conscientiously, and safely.

How do the classes work?

Most traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes are taught ‘Mysore style’, where the teacher introduces each posture in the series to you one by one. As a beginner, you get a great deal of individual attention from the teacher, who guides you through each step of each posture. As you gain experience more of your practice becomes self-directed, doing as much of the series as you have been taught until the teacher feels you have established enough stability and ease to start the next posture in the series. Your daily practice will be longer or shorter depending on the number of postures the teacher has taught you.

The other, less frequent type of Ashtanga class is called ‘Led’, where students practice the same Ashtanga postures together as a group, with the teacher setting the overall pace and providing instruction for everyone. Led classes serve to remind students how to match each movement to their breath in each posture. In Led classes students stop at the same posture where they stop during their Mysore style practice, and then complete their practice with the traditional finishing postures on their own.

How do I get started?

The Shala is open from 6:30-8:30 am, Monday through Saturday, except for Moon Days. When you know what day you would like to start, call David to schedule the start time for your first class. Start times are usually 6:30am, 7am, 7:30am and 8am. As a first-timer your first few sessions will probably last 30-45 minutes.

We use the Hampden Avenue entrance of the Dow Arts Building. When you arrive at the building door, call or text David, he will let you in. If you arrive and the street door is already open, go up the stairs and make an immediate left. Walk up to the second floor and look for Studio #214.

If you already have an established Ashtanga practice be sure to let David know before you start. Experienced practitioners begin their finishing postures no later than 8:15 am.

There is ample early-morning street parking on Hampden Avenue. We are approximately 3-minutes walking distance from the Westgate Station of the light rail Green line.

Please note that there will be no classes at the St. Paul Shala
Sept. 20 – 23, as David will be out of town.

Ashtanga Classes in
St. Paul at Twin City Yoga Shala


The Dow Building

2242 University Ave W,
St Paul, MN 55114, USA

Entrance from Hampden Avenue.

  • Lots of early-hour parking available on Hampden and neighboring streets
  • If you arrive at an unscheduled time you will need to call or text David to enter the building.


  • Mysore classes M/T/Th/F/Sat 6:30-8: 30 am, & Wednesdays 6-8 am
  • Doors open 15 minutes early. Please call David at 612/636-8519 to discuss the best time for you to arrive
  • Beginners welcome


  • Single Class – $25
  • 4-Class Card – $75
  • 10-Class Card – $150
  • 1-Month Unlimited Pass – $175
  • Youth (under 21yo) Single Class – $15
  • Youth (under 21yo) 1-Month Pass – $120

Note: All class cards and passes are valid for one month

David currently accepts cash and personal check payments at the studio.
You may also pay using the CASH app below

Call David to schedule the best day for you to start
at 612/636-8519

Not familiar with David’s teaching?
Read what his students have to say about him

Moon Days

(no classes)

  • Monday, September 24

If you have any questions about Moon Days
please email david 

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