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ashtanga yoga

ashtanga yoga

The Ashtanga Yoga system provides a blueprint for engaging in a process that improves physical well being and enhances peace of mind. Though the Ashtanga series of postures remains relatively fixed, the process itself is personalized, never unfolding for two people in the same way. It might look similar from the outside but what happens internally is unique for each practitioner.

The same can be said for the system of Ayurveda: the doshas (constitutional typology) provide a framework for self-understanding that on the outside might look rigid. But when used properly this framework helps you connect more deeply with your experience of the world – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ayurveda identifies and describes the forces that pull us out of our natural Sattvic state. The Ashtanga Yoga system puts us in situations (poses) where those forces become more apparent, and we can experience them with more awareness in order to better understand and deal with them.

Both systems offer tools for seeing more clearly who we truly are. Or at least, what we are not!

If you are an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner with a growing interest in Ayurveda, please join me in exploring how they overlap and support each other. If you have a background in Ayurveda and want to integrate more yoga asana practice into your life – The Ashtanga Yoga system might be the perfect way for you to do it.

If you are new to both Ashtanga and Ayurveda… Bravo! Let’s get started. Take practice…

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