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Yoga Instruction
Private and Group classes in traditional Ashtanga Yoga or Bikram Yoga, with an eye towards keeping it Sattvic (no excessive heat)… Beginners welcome!
Yogic Meal Service
Daily delivery of plant-based, organic and delicious food to your home or office – weekly subscriptions available


Ayurvedic Cooking Classes
Hands-on Private or Small Group Instruction in Ayurvedic Cooking
Restaurant Consulting
Whether you are setting up a new, independent restaurant, or looking to make your current restaurant more Sattvic
Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurvedic Cooking Retreats
(our first retreat is scheduled for December 2017!)
For more information regarding these services, please email David

Here are some reviews of David’s yoga teaching

I am a new student to Mysore Ashtanga yoga, it’s been only 7 weeks. David is great he really has an eye for seeing what I need and I can’t believe what I am doing (me jumping into plank pose instead of walking into it). Every week it gets better! Thanks, David.

Janet Robbins, Minneapolis

David is a very caring, gentle teacher and has given me great tips to improve my backbend. His students will be in good hands

Genevieve Cua, Singapore

I have the pleasure to attend David’s class in Singapore practising Ashtanga yoga. David is very gentle when assisting or making the adjustment. He does not just come around to press you down or twist you into the postures. He will gently touch you and ask if you needed his help. He will also explain how to get into the posture or modify if you are unable to get into the pose. David may be gentle but he is very strong. You can totally trust him with drop back or “bunny-hop” jump

Angela Chia, Singapore

David taught me Ashtanga yoga in Singapore for a number of years. He is an excellent teacher with, in my opinion, a perfect balance of deep knowledge of the practice, a gentleness in his approach but whilst also helping his students push themselves as appropriate for them and their practice. If you are looking for a teacher of Ashtanga yoga I thoroughly recommend David.

David Grainger, Singapore

I was a yoga student of David’s for a few years. His strengths as a yoga instructor include personal knowledge of yoga, attention to the students’ poses accompanied by constructive comments, attention to proper alignment and sense of humor. I always enjoyed taking his classes. He is a stickler for form an details. If you are bothered by being corrected for what seems like minutia, he may not be the instructor for you. Since my initial yoga studies began with Iyengar based instruction, I appreciate the minutia and personal comments/adjustments.

Anna Barnett, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I used to be David’s co-worker, as well as taking his Mysore classes in Singapore. He’s one of the most professional and dedicated teacher I’ve ever known. He possesses patience and calm energy in class and is a good listener to students who have issues in the body, or fear in their mind. To be a good teacher in the Ashtanga method one has to be devoted to their practice, and David totally is that. He’s a 5-star teacher 🙂

Shosita Chia, Singapore

Envy is the word… that you have David with you! David is an amazing teacher who gave me wonderful practical tips in my practice. His adjustment are gentle yet firm and most importantly mindful. As a student, I felt safe when being adjusted in challenging postures.

Gillian Tham, Singapore

I was fortunate to have practiced with David while he was teaching in Singapore. He’s a sincere and dedicated teacher who cares about his students. He has a keen eye for detail not just in asana but in the vinyasas that connect them as well. I have grown in my practice under his guidance.

Adriel Ho, Singapore

Here are some reviews from my Minneapolis cooking class
in September

I recently took an Ayurvedic cooking class with David and his food was amazing! I think often we get this idea or message that Ayurvedic food is bland or boring, but David debunked that myth. David showed us how anyone can incorporate ayruvedic cooking and food into their life! I especially appreciated learning how to make different sattvic meals that are good and balancing to all dosha types.

Shannon Gullette

David’s class was wonderful! He gave a thorough (but not overwhelming) intro to the principles of Ayurveda, was super knowledgeable and open to questions, and made everything really accessible. We learned techniques that will be useful across a variety of recipes– David’s really good at incorporating the whys and hows, rather than just the steps involved, so you don’t feel glued to a specific recipe. I’ve already done some experimenting, with great results. Thanks!

Ellie Wannemacher

Director, Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis

David is a font of knowledge. He was able to make sattvic cooking, not only approachable but also doable. I strongly encourage anyone interested in exploring an ayurvedic lifestyle to take his lovely class…’

Jessica Keating

The Sattvic Cooking Class was a fun learning experience! David was an amazing instructor who lead the class through the basics of spices to preparing the food. The intimate class size and hands-on instruction were very helpful in allowing me to learn about the Ayurvedic style of cooking. Anyone looking to learn about the Ayurvedic diet or new cooking techniques, I highly recommend taking this class!

Heather Antonovich

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